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Bred sales

Friday Bred Sales start at 11 a.m.
December 6 - 25 purebred Black Angus cows(no papers). Start calving mid February; bred to Black Angus bulls. 
December 8 - Car Creek Stock Farm/Hunter Bred heifers. 3rd annual sale consisting of 80 red/red/blaze/black heifers bred to proven calving ease 
Simmental sires. Start calving Jan1. Mark Pals- 45 2nd to 4th calvers. Black cows. Bred to Red Simmental & Charolais bulls. Start calving March 10.
Jason Smith - 20 young Limo/ Angus X cows. Bred to Limo bulls. Start calving March 19. 4 heifers bred to Red Angus bulls. Start calving March 19.
Codiac Acres- 11 Speckle Park x Simmental ranch raised heifers. Bred to Daines Angus bulls. Start calving Jan. 31.Alan Jewel dispersal. 50 Black/BWF
Cows. 2-8 years old. Bred to Black Angus bulls. Start calving March 10. Sunde Farms- 30 Red & Black cows. Home raised. Bred to Black & Red Angus 
bulls. Mostly 3rd calvers. Bulls out MAy 11 - August 15. Start calving Feb.17.
December 15
- Stacey Bell- 55 home raised Simmental heifers. Mostly reds with a few blacks. Bred to Red Angus bulls. Turned out May 25; start calving 
February 24. Vaccinated with Express FP5, 8 way & Scourguard November 17.  Stoneydale Angus- 40 home raised p.b. Black Angus( no papers) bred to
easy calving Black Angus bulls. Start calving March 24. Travis Thiessen - 20 Red Angus cows. 3rd calvers. Bred to Red Angus bulls. Bulls out April 22
for 60 days; start calving January 29. All shots & Ivomec this fall. ONLINE BROADCAST THROUGH LIVEAUCTIONS.TV


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