It's a big week here! We start things off with a Presort Calf Sale on Monday; over 2700 calves on offer. 

Wednesday has 3 Special features. The first being the land auction at 12 noon. 147.72 +/- acres just west of Caroline,AB. This property has a mountain view, power, a well , a cattle waterer and is all fenced. This will be selling at the Innisfail Auction Market at 12 noon . if you're interested in just watching this sale from another location, you'll be able to view it on Liveauctions.tv  You won't be able to bid online, but you can watch. 

The next big event on Wednesday will be The Kyle Daines Bred heifers. There's 25 Simmental/Angus influence heifers bred Black Angus. They'll be sorted for January, February & March calving. 

And following this is the Anchor Ranch Red Angus Dispersal at 12:30. 50 bred cows, 17 bred heifers, 4 herd sires , 30 bull calves & 20 heifer calves. Stop by the market on Tuesday to view the cattle. Sale will be broadcast on Liveauctions.tv If you need any help signing up for the sale, call Nicki at 587-377-1580

If you have any questions about any of these events, give us a call! Videos on all these features can be viewed in our media section.

updated October 26,2020

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